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You don't need to be 

stuck in a 9-5 forever.

Teach Yourself to Launch a Business in 16 weeks WITHOUT wasting the $23,483 (R543,517) or time I did,  and without getting totally overwhelmed

If you're looking to achieve financial independence and greater flexibility with your time then you probably already know that the only way to generate the extra income you need is to start your own online business 

When you Earn money from your own business...

The harder you work, the more money you have

Unlike working for someone else, your own business means that you truly get out what you put in.  No layers of management getting paid huge bonuses.

You create space in your budget to LIVE NOW and save for the future

Most of us are using every cent we have to pay the bills - which seem to increase faster than our salaries grow.  Having another stream of income gives each of us the space in our budget to afford us the little extra's we want to live now and allow us to make sure our future's taken care of.

You create energy, hope, freedom and flexibility in your life

My past students tell me that the biggest win for them besides the extra money is the energy and hope that comes from knowing they're in control of their future.  That they can see the way forward to grow their businesses either as an additional income or as a way out of their 9-5.

Even though the reasons to start an online business are a no-brainer, the steps involved to actually create one are complicated


But where on earth do I start?  And what technology do I choose?

Perhaps you've once or twice before decided to start your business.  You may have chosen a name, even designed a logo, or gone as far as to register a company and buy the domain name for your online presence.

You may even have chatted to a few friends or potential customers, sourced something to sell and got really excited as to how this one was going to make you the money you need to leave your 9-5.  

Even with the best intentions, most would-be business owners end up giving up.  WHY?  

  • Well, without a really clear step-by-step programme that covers everything they need from branding, website and sales technology, social media marketing and business finances, they get completely lost in the complexity of starting from scratch.
  • ​They get stuck on finding the perfect idea, which technology to use (especially for the non technical!), understanding how to navigate the social media, and how get the products sold into the hands of the buyer. So much time is wasted, and money spent on solutions that never work.
  • You see, the individual experts always make it sound so easy. But putting it all together and working out what exactly you need to do is hard.  
  • ​As already busy people who are working in day jobs and busy with family commitments, the learning curve takes too long when they are trying to figure it all out by themselves

Therefore building your online business quickly and cost effectively is what you need to get right the first time.

There's a great opportunity for you to do it 

Convert your ideas into a profitable business by avoiding the mistakes your competitors have previously made, and learning from those mistakes to do it quicker and cheaper




And how to make sure yours doesn't!

Big, Novel, Award Winning Idea
Most people wait until they receive a thunderbolt idea that's going to change the world.  Or they start with an idea so big and complicated, it's like trying to do an iron man of swimming, running and cycling when you can't walk around the block. So, they either never start because they have no idea, or they give up because they don't have the training and 'business skill strength' to complete that marathon. When you realise that building a successful and long term business requires you to build strength in many skill sets, flexibility in your approach to product and customer growth, and endurance to make sure it survives the long haul, you'll see that the smallest part (though important) is what you actually sell. There are also so many tools out there these days that can help you quickly pick up new trends in what's selling, identify niche products within those trends, and help you identify the manufacturers of those products. And for those who don't like selling physical products (like me!!), there are amazing platforms out there for information products and services.   You just need to shift focus to using tools to help you launch ONE small idea, and then learn how to scale that knowledge and product
Overwhelm of the complexity of all you need to do
It's not complicated- but there are so many questions you need to answer and things you need to do to get a business up and running.   Most people have never been taught that it's simpler and easier to approach a new business in a systematic, step by step way. So, they try and squish many different, unrelated activities on their massive to do list into their busy lives. The result?  It becomes easier to give up, or never start.   But when approached like a project, with step-by-step deliverables, each week feels like a win as you complete the next building blocks for your long term revenue generating machine.
The time, expense & skill of tech
The cost of getting someone to build a website for you is often a major downside of starting a business.  And in this online world, it doesn't matter what type of business you need, a website is crucial. And then not only does it cost you a fortune to get it done, the minute you want changes or to accept payments or integrate it to something else... the costs just sky rocket. And after a while, it becomes a white elephant and it seems easier to give it all up. But if you don't go the paid 'done for you' route, then the thought of the time it will take to up skill yourself for the 'do it yourself' option in a life that is so busy already, just fills you with horror. But you need to know, if you can drag and drop, you can build a website.  You just need to be able to watch a video and follow along.  There are great teachers who will show you the simplicity of it step by step!
There's only so much your friends can buy from you!!! 
Many people think that if they launch a website and a Facebook page, then people will buy from them. The challenge is, they don't.   Because they don't know you exist.  Or whether your product is good.  Or if they can trust you to ship it to them hassle free. Creating Know-Like-Trust-Buy takes a well thought through marketing strategy.  And without it, the sales will dry up after your friends and family. It's why you need a system in place to produce regular social media content, drive free traffic through a content strategy and understand how and when to use paid content


· Although everyone CAN start a business... the obstacles mean only a few ever reach PROFITABILITY...

There's a reason most businesses fail within the first 3 years!

· ... because most people start with good intentions but lack TIME, MONEY,but mostly lack the KNOWLEDGE that will get them to profitability...

Without the step-by-step plan that reduces the possible mistakes, they get stuck and give up

· ... which results in their business venture draining their finances instead of adding to them

... like me spending $23,483 on the wrong tech, wrong courses, wrong software!!!

Which is why I'm on a mission to teach more people how to set up their businesses for success!

I combined my 19 years in corporate sales, marketing and strategy...

... with the painful lessons of starting up 3 businesses...

... to build a solution that stops people like me and you from making these costly mistakes

I've launched 3 businesses from scratch

I left corporate and had to learn the hard way how to choose a product, build a sales and marketing funnel, build my website and launch

When I first launched, I totally believed that if I put it out there on the internet, people would come.

So my first business website for my face to face business was a done for you solution.  A company built it.  It's beautiful.  But it cost a WHOLE bunch more than I could afford.  And no one bought my services just because I had a website.

So when it came to my second business, there was NO way I could afford to pay someone else to build a website for it.  And necessity forced me to learn how to build a website myself.  I truly had NO clue.

I made some VERY expensive mistakes.  Not only with the technology, but also with Facebook Ads (and getting on the wrong side of the Facebook ads policy- not recommended), and boosting posts.  I also paid a fortune for very expensive courses.  Mistakes I would rather you not repeat!

Then, on launching my third business, and building my 3rd, 4th and 5th websites, I then got the hang of it.  I manage money, so the design and prettiness of my sites are not stellar.  But they work wonders in achieving their goal to teach people about money!

I'm Lisa Linfield

With over 20 years of financial services experience, I discovered my passion... to teach people about money.  And set a goal to teach 1 million women about money.

My superpower is explaining things in HumanSpeak - language everyone can understand.  I take complicated concepts and simplify them, step by step.

I've launched 3 businesses, all around wealth management:

  • CEO Southern Pride Wealth - a done for you investment and retirement management business
  • Founder of Working Women's Wealth - a blog and weekly podcast teaching people for free
  • Creator of Courses and Founder of Teach Yourself Wealth - courses to teach you how to Make Money. Invest it. Protect it.

I've helped clients launch meal planning websites; training courses; consulting sites; expand their personalised merchandise and sell sports kit.

Regardless of the product, the strategy, marketing, mindset and technology are all similar.  And none of those is as important as a step by step plan to get you there.

The 16 Week Side Hustle is the only program of its kind that...

Contains the A-Z step by step guide of starting a business from scratch and ensuring you have what you need to launch it.

1. Includes the End-to-end teaching you'll need to start a business: from product idea and creation; customer value propositions; competitor analysis; branding; website building; social media marketing; marketing strategy; launch strategy and much more

2. Is taught by a person who built 5 websites despite having never worked with web technology before...

3.... but who had 21 years of business experience in product development, customer value propositions, strategy, marketing and analytics

So, if you're ready to start a business to earn extra money, while avoiding making expensive mistakes, and landing it without wasting unnecessary time... I've got the solution for you...

The course has
  • ​9 Modules of Online training - 48 videos 
  • ​Step by step system to build a business from scratch 
  • ​How to grow a business and the marketing backbone you’ll need 
  • ​Branding and customer value proposition 
  • ​Product offerings and value ladders 
  • ​Social Media Marketing and SEO 
  • ​What needs to be included in your website sales and marketing pages to land the sales! 
  • ​Email Relationship marketing 
  • ​Launch Strategy

But if you buy now you'll not only get the 16 Week Side Hustle, you'll also get

Bonus 1:  Brave to be free

The biggest decider of whether you'll be successful or not is actually not what you KNOW, but how you think.  The ability to keep going way after the excited feeling wears off.  Keep going when life throws curve balls at you.  Keep going when everything in you wants to stop.

That's why you have to have the latest strategies from the latest thinkers at your finger tips.

This bonus course of 16 videos of the latest thinking on Mindset, Habits of the Elite Performers and Personal Mastery strategies is accompanied by workbooks and reflections for you to journal your future life to ensure your success.

Bonus 2:  Tech for Side Hustlers

Most people find the tech scary.  It is.  But if you can drag and drop, you can build a website.  

The most important decision, is which website technology to build your sales and marketing pages on.  It's a mine field of hidden costs you usually only find much later on in the journey.  

We give you an up front comparison of four technologies:  WordPress; Click Funnels; WIX and Shopify as well as 3 email marketing tool sets.  These not only compare cost, but what each are best used for.  Saving you time and money. 

This course includes:  10 technical videos 

Which technology to choose and why

Step-by-step video’s to help you build what you need to sell your product

Bonus 3:  Finances for Young Businesses

I started teaching Side Hustle because I wanted my clients to have new ways to earn extra money on the side.  So they could live the life they wanted to lead NOW and save for the future.

So I'm passionate about Finances for Young Businesses - to make sure you don't end up a statistic of a failed business draining your savings.

It includes 12 Videos on Managing the Numbers with downloads to help you track your Profitability, Income, Expenses, Company structures, Management Accounts, funding your business, tax and cashflow

Bonus 4:  Make $1,000 sitting on the couch 

For those who need cash now to help fund the startup of your business, this course has an infographic download of 9 different ways to make money while sitting on the couch - things that won't cost you anything.

It also includes a free 7 video series... which is available to you the minute you buy the course

Bonus 5: Private Facebook Group

Accountability is key to success, and the other people who are in the course will not only encourage you, but help you hold yourself accountable for delivery.

To make sure you don't have roadblocks that stop you from achieving your goals, you can answer any question, which I'll answer via the Facebook Group.

And, on this page only, you're going to include some exclusive bonuses they can't get anywhere else!

Buy now to get the incredible value offered here...

limited time offer!

There's a 15 Day Money 

Back Guarantee

... and you get LIFETIME Access to the course... so you can keep going back as your learning and business grows.

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